9 March | news

Women In Construction Week 2022 - Emma Ireland

Women in Construction Week is an annual celebration of the crucial role women play within the construction industry, worldwide. 

This year, we wanted to highlight the stories of some of the women working with us here at GWH, with a particular focus on their careers to date and future pathways within the construction industry.

In our second Women In Construction Week video, we caught up with Emma Ireland, Operations Manager for GWH/RE, to discuss her career with GWH and the construction industry at large. 

Emma discusses her eight year career to date with GWH which has seen her undertake a number of different roles as her career evolved. Starting with GWH as a receptionist, Emma was supported by the company to make the move into the sales team when she decided that she was ready for a new challenge. More recently, Emma has taken up the position of Operations Manager for GWH/RE following its establishment in August 2021. 

You can watch Emma's full feature below.

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