29 April | safety

Tower Crane rescue simulation

In the six months leading to March Newcastle added more cranes to its skyline than any other city in Australia.

Without question GWH’s No.1 priority is to 'protect each other collectively'. It’s this core value that recently drove the GWH team to consider the possibility of a rescue from one of our cranes, or any of those around Newcastle.

The initiative began by inviting Titan Cranes and Fire & Rescue NSW to pre-plan what a rescue would look like then simulate an emergency from our tower crane at SKY Residences. Something the Newcastle branch of Fire & Rescue NSW had never considered.

This simple act has now given the rescue teams first-hand experience of crane structures. Most importantly they leave with invaluable insights into what rescue equipment and method of extraction would be most effective should a rescue ever be required. Whether it's from ours or any other crane in the region.

So on April 28th 2020 - World Safety & Health at Work Day we're proud to know our teams in construction, development, sales & leasing, marketing, finance, WHS/HR and administration, maintain a ‘safety is never second’ attitude and we continue to go about our days 'protecting each other collectively'.


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