18 July | residential

Progress continues at Macquarie Tower.

The team at Macquarie Tower have reached the basement level and are finalising preparations for the ground slab, marking a significant milestone in the construction timeline.

The basement retention walls have been successfully constructed, ensuring the stability and support of the structure, and the tower crane base has been built, providing a solid foundation for the crane installation. Once the crane is in place, we will see the pouring of the ground slab and the subsequent erection of suspended slabs.

The ground slab footings will require approximately 1100 m3 of concrete and 200 tonnes of reinforcing steel. The footings must be excavated and constructed in a specific sequence to ensure the safe movement of equipment, workers, and materials in and out of the excavation site.

Following the completion of the footings, the team will proceed with pouring the ground slab. This step will enable them to form and construct the building's core and install the initial precast columns and panels. They will then commence construction of the first suspended level, the level two basement slab.

The 1700 m2 basement slab will be split into two pours and carried out over as many days, requiring around 350 m3 of concrete, equivalent to the amount carried by 47 concrete trucks. Hunter Readymixed Concrete, an integrated business of GWH, will supply the concrete.

Once this crucial foundation is in place, the construction will advance upwards, creating 15 levels that will eventually transform into Charlestown's tallest and most modern mixed-use development.

As the project timeline progresses, the team remains dedicated and committed to delivering a successful outcome for the Macquarie Tower development.

For more information on the Macquarie Tower development, click here.


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