6 March | residential

A logistics web of people, concrete and steel completes ground floor

During February 2019 Highpoint’s on site log book recorded that across the 23 working days there were over 550 entries for people who had worked on site. The end result, Highpoint is now officially out of the ground.

Ground floor was the first official above ground suspended slab completed at Highpoint. It consisted of approximately 312m3 of concrete and 20 tonne of steel. The preparation work for this floor in particular was extensive. In the end, the final piece, the concrete pour took a team of 32 approximately 6 hours to complete. The following day, tensioning of post tension strands to 10% took place as well as the installation of precast concrete panels. Next, the formwork of in-situ walls for ground floor and the level 1 deck were put in place. There’s no time on site that things ease up.

In building and construction, timing is everything. On the day, 32 people from 9 companies all had a part to play. On-site and on the deck there was a sea of fluoro. All individuals coming together, everyone where they needed to be, when they needed to be there. In terms of daily numbers during the month, the 28th was actually a quieter day.

Site Management for a construction site, doesn't come as an easy task and GWH prides itself on being a company that backs its staff in the workplace, supporting them to achieve and succeed - in the office and on site, through training and education opportunities and on site learning opportunity. 

The GWH Way, with the integration of the Hunter Group of companies and GWH brings together people and technology in a way that creates innovative ideas, products and processes. GWH showcases in the day to day its purpose of ‘creating possibilities through property’, and it's not just for purchasers this rings true, but also for the staff of GWH and the Hunter Group.

Another big month of prep lies ahead during March 2019 at Highpoint. Walls for the ground floor have already been formed up and the pouring of these is due mid-month. From here, the team will be forming up the first floor deck and laying structural steel, ready for the concrete pour of the slab in the last week of the month.

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