18 October | news

Macquarie Tower October Construction Update

A significant milestone has been reached at Macquarie Tower with the completion of the slab-on-ground. This is a busy time as it marks the end of the earthworks phase and represents a pivotal moment in the project. 

It is now time to create the basement car park levels, and upcoming pours for the first of the suspended post-tensioned slabs will be substantial. Covering approximately 1600m2 and requiring around 320m3 of concrete as well as 20 tonnes of conventional reinforcing steel, it is a huge job but an exciting one.

Hear from Project Manager James Thomson, and Licensee in charge at GWH/RE Peter Kunov for an update on all the progress.

The project will continue moving forward with the forming and pouring of suspended levels up to the level three podium level; at this point, the structure will transition to a smaller floor plate of approximately 1000m2. 

This change will allow the construction team to complete structural floors as single concrete pours and incorporate precast concrete elements into the building's core. These changes will accelerate the construction program and bring the project closer to reaching the residential levels.


  • Continuation of the construction of suspended slabs and core walls through October, including installation of formwork and reo.

  • By November, the basement slabs will be complete, and we will be back to ground level, where we will begin the installation of scaffold and formwork, ready to pour the next slab and start installing precast panels. 

This progress is exciting news for the Macquarie Tower project, and it's clear that things are moving forward at a promising pace.

For more information on Macquarie Tower, click here.

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