9 May | residential

Highpoint makes its mark!

April 2019, without a doubt was the month that Highpoint began to make its mark on Charlestown. 

Now well and truly standing out across the skyline, April saw another 3 structural levels completed. Highpoint and it’s impressive views are now on show. 

Across the month, we again saw our vertically integrated companies delivering alongside the Highpoint team. Hunter Readymixed Concrete, Hunter Precast and Hunter Install produce, deliver and install the pre-cast concrete panels that are creating the structure of Highpoint. It is the use of double height panels that is allowing us to complete the job with such efficiency and in such tight timeframes.

The panels and columns which are constructed to be two storey in height, provide us our build efficiency. From now til top out, the completion of the main structure, the schedule is to complete a structural level every 7 days. One of our massive columns being craned onto site is featured in the latest Highpoint Purchasers Video, have you seen it? Check it out at the link below. 

For May, the schedule is packed full! Early in the month, levels 5 & 6 are up for completion, the second half of the month will see the team complete levels 7 & 8. From mid-May, whilst we keep going up with the main structure, we will also begin to fit out internal elements on the lower levels. 

The internal elements that are on the list to complete are; framing of the walls on our lower levels, installation of window and door frames and commencing the installation of the fire sprinkler system in the basement levels. 

Another big ticket item is set to arrive in May; the hoist. The hoist is the externally positioned lift that allows our teams access from the ground to the higher levels as we go higher. 

Highpoint Purchasers BBQ Video

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