18 December | residential

Highpoint slab on ground, tick!

December has been a massive month for the Highpoint team, pushing to ensure we hit our targets that will set us up for the scheduled works of 2019.

Following the footings pour in November, the next major milestone was pouring the basement level slab. This work was completed on time, in one day.

With the slab on ground poured and finished, the next task was to install our double height precast structural columns which sit on the previously poured footings. These effectively transfer load from the building and will support the suspended basement two slab. The precast concrete columns, manufactured by Hunter Precast and installed by Hunter Install were as always, delivered and installed efficiently in just 5 hours. A huge effort by the teams.

All of a sudden Highpoint was coming to life. With the columns installed our formwork team moved on site and have now completed the formwork required for the basement two post-tensioned suspended slab. This slab will be the first of 20 suspended slabs poured at Highpoint (18 above ground slabs and 2 basement suspended slabs). Successfully completing the concrete pour for the basement two slab will be the first big job of 2019 for the team, after the Christmas & New Year holiday period.

 Key works onsite in 2019 will consist of further formwork, placement and fixing of steel reinforcement, post tensioning installation, concrete pouring, scaffolding and precast installations. Setting to achieve completion of the level 1 slab, the first true ‘above ground’ slab by the second quarter of the year with final building completion by early 2020.

With both the onsite Highpoint and GWH teams about to take a well-earned break, we are already looking forward to next year, when we will continue to pour Highpoint’s 16 above ground levels before reaching our record full height of the building.

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