7 March | news

Ground Works Continue at Macquarie Tower

Progress at Macquarie Tower continues as our team prepares to excavate the basement level 3

It’s all good news regarding construction progress at Macquarie Tower. Excavation and construction of the three-level subgrade basement is well underway with further installations of reinforced shotcrete walls and ground anchors recently completed. The team are currently two thirds of the way down with a total of 12,000 cubic metres of soil needing to be excavated.


  • Piling and capping beams have now been completed
  • 1st row of anchors nearing completion
  • Bulk shotcreting, anchoring and excavation is underway
  • Crane base to be installed early April 
  • Tower Crane to go up late April, early May

The vision created by GWH was to provide residents with an uplifting place that offers the region's most spectacular views from the comfort of their living area. Macquarie Tower will enhance all aspects the location of Charlestown has to offer. Positioned 3km from the shores of Dudley Beach, residents situated in our easterly/southerly apartments will gaze over the glittering South Pacific Ocean. Framed by floor-to-ceiling windows, westerly apartments will have residents basking in the serenity of the lush views of Sugarloaf State Conservation Area, Watagans National Park and beyond.


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