1 June | community

Fighting fire with fire

At GWH we absolutely believe that business is all about giving back to your community.

A little while back, GWH director Hilton Grugeon let us know about the Lam family from Thornton, who without insurance, had tragically lost their home and possessions in a house fire, in July of last year.

The GWH team and our preferred list of suppliers wasted no time jumping on board to help rebuild the family’s home.

With a full-time GWH site foreman on board, the project faced some challenges from both the weather and construction difficulties, but 8 weeks later the Lam family were able to move into their brand new home. Special considerations were put in place to cater for the Lam’s individual needs including their two autistic sons and the final result was one we were very proud of.

Bringing people, teams and structure together to achieve beyond what we think is possible is why we do what we do. A huge thank you to everyone who was involved!

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